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Personal Bankruptcy - Individuals most commonly file for personal bankruptcy under Chapters 7 and 13. Chapter 7 is the liquidation of all possessions and Chapter 13 is basically restructuring debt to be paid out over a specific time frame.    More
Bankruptcy Act - The Bankruptcy Act of 2005 makes it a requirement for individuals filing for bankruptcy after 10/17/2005 to participate in credit counseling. The debtors must do this within six months prior to filing for bankruptcy. Debtors are also required to pass a course on financial management after the bankruptcy filing.    More
Service Member Civil Relief Act - The Service members' Civil Relief Act ("SCRA") is found at 50 U.S.C. app. ยงยง 501 et seq. The purpose of the SCRA is strengthen and expedite national defense by giving service members certain protections in civil actions.    More
Repairing Your Credit - Following a bankruptcy, debtors wonder if they will ever regain their balance. No matter how bad it seems, with good financial planning you will be able to again be financially secure. You can expect your credit rating to be affected after you file for bankruptcy, but there are some steps you can take to help re-establish your credit.    More
Bankruptcy During Divorce - Depending on your financial circumstances, filing for bankruptcy before starting a legal divorce proceeding can be beneficial. Filing for bankruptcy can help clear some of your debt and make it easier to negotiate or divide the remaining debt. This can also protect you from your ex-spouse filing bankruptcy down the road.     More
Mortgage After Bankruptcy - After a Dallas bankruptcy you may still be considered and qualify for a mortgage. There are several lenders that offer aggressive programs suited to borrowers who have filed for bankruptcy.     More
Small Business Bankruptcy - The debts of a business can often be far more damaging to a small business owner as compared to bigger businesses and corporations. Small businesses often face an array of problems related to their size. In the U.S. over 35,000 small businesses file for bankruptcy each year.     More